Cliff's Americana Page

This page is not about travelling about America or about historical sites or about odd bits and pieces, but about American Constitutionalism and American Politics. These are some of the political and constitutional sites that I find useful and believe others may also. Please note that all of these sites [but not necessarily all] generally support a certain conservative understanding about the American Political Tradition. So be forewarned liberals, socialists, and fellowtravellers....


Check out My Favorite President!!!

Read Peggy Noonan on Patriotism!!!

Heston at Harvard

Dan Mahoney's On Deadly Social Engineering

Where free men shall stand....

Sic Semper Tyrannis

"Manus haec, inimica tyrannis, Ense petit placidam sub libertate quietem" Algernon Sidney.

Here are my political and constitutionalist links

Southern Traditionalist Sites

These are some "non-ideological" political and constitutional sites

"Get there first with the most men" Nathan Bedford Forrest

I hope will enjoy the various political sights that I have made available to you, and I hope you will go visit them.

Sources of American Constitutionalism


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