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Date: Mon Dec 20 15:51:09 1999

This is the best philosophy page on the net. I've been struggling with papers on Natural Law Theory, Ethics, Relativism, Utilitarianism, bla bla bla for two months.
I found this page and BANG, got em all done. So easy to look for info here. So much info to be obtained here. Clearly a great site and a life saver for students like me. Great Job! Thank You

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Date: Sun Oct 24 11:34:00 1999

Personal ethics

Great site, thanks for keeping it up.

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Date: Thu Oct 14 20:58:05 1999

I enjoyed your site.

I found your site quite interesting and I liked the musical touch too. I enjoyed the fact that it is very accessible and interactive, with links to all sorts of information.

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Date: Sat Oct 9 03:19:51 1999

Aristotle Quotes

Very nice collection of Aristotle information and links. For us simpler minded folks a list of Aristotle quotes for our pleasure reading would be a thoughtful addition. Thank you.

Date: Fri Sep 24 16:11:14 1999



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Date: Fri Sep 24 14:45:42 1999


It was a nice place to visit to learn about the mathmaticians and it was helpfull in my class where we had to write a report. Thank you

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Date: Fri Sep 24 14:23:08 1999

Your Web Site

By far, the best use of a '' site I've ever seen.

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Date: Thu Sep 23 18:08:26 1999

Aristotle and the golden mean

I have to write a paper showing the contradictions between Aristotle's philosophy of moderation and Greek literature of the time (Sohpocles, Euripides, etc). This site has been immensely helpful. If anyone has any ideas, email me.

From: Micki Riggs
Date: Thu Sep 23 16:15:09 1999

This site helped me on research I had to do on Aristotle for a paper. Thanks!

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Thanks alot for all the information you have put on your web page. I am doing a project in World
History and I needed some good information. Well,
thanks again.
Michael Mc

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Date: Wed Sep 22 21:07:29 1999

hey! cool site. It was very helpful in my studies. thanks. You should have sites like this about important philosophers linked to this one. It would be really fabulous.

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hello...i am a italian supermodel who goes to a high school in califrnia. i enjoy talk to people. i study rigth now.

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Date: Mon Sep 20 13:15:28 1999


This site has been very helpful in the research of my paper on the continued cultural effects of Aristotle.

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Date: Sun Sep 19 16:12:01 1999


I am a student at the Univ of Phoenix and this site helped me on a paper on Aristotle and Science. I look forward to visiting again

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Date: Thu Sep 16 22:51:08 1999

Greek Philosophers

Thank you for this site. It is very useful in my Social Studies subject. I am looking forward to visit this site again.

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Date: Thu Sep 16 14:39:43 1999

Your website

Thank you for putting together this website. I am a student at the University of Notre Dame and I am in a political theory class in which we are reading Aristotle's Politics. I was having a very hard time understanding the difference between a good citizen and and a good man. You helped to clear it up. Thank you. Keep up the good work. You sound like a fascinating person.

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Date: Thu Sep 16 14:30:13 1999

'Cat in the rain'

Hello dear friend(s)!

I really enjoy this site!!!Useful!!

Although i still need a site about CAT IN THE RAIN....if someone could help me...please..this weekend..THANX A LOT..16th Sept.1999

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hey my friend
thank you for all the info on Aristotle.
It will be very helpfull.
See you soon on the web again.

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Date: Tue Sep 14 23:24:56 1999


Hi! This is a really great and informative site. It's the best Aristotle site I've come across so far. Keep up the good work! Thanks.

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Date: Mon Sep 13 12:52:49 1999

Thank you your site really helped speed up my work. Please add a plug on just the life and times. If i just missed it let me know. thanks again

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I was searching for some information about
Aristotle and found your site. Useful. Thanks a

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Dear Mr.B,
Your information on Aristotle was of great use to me.I am doing a paper for school on Aristotle; weather he was substantail or accidental. Im not very familiar with Aristsole, so could you please put more sites pertaining to this question, or list links that would help me out. I would grately appricate it. -Maria*

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Date: Thu Sep 9 23:08:47 1999

Political Science

Thank you for such an informative site. I will be referring to it quite a lot in the near future. joannb

Date: Thu Sep 9 20:35:03 1999


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Date: Thu Sep 9 13:36:26 1999


Most of the links under Ethics do not work!
I tried tons of them and almost always got the same answer!
This site would be great if I could open all links...

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Date: Thu Sep 9 13:31:56 1999

aritstotle and plato

hey, my whole english class came to this site. lots of info. nice job and ill catch u on the flip side.

From: Tony Harris (Anthony.Harris@Parke-Davis.Com)
Date: Tue Sep 7 14:10:41 1999

I think it's great to have a resource like this

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Date: Mon Sep 6 00:50:05 1999

great site - well done. I was searching web to find information on Aristotle and came across your site and found few bits and pieces needed. great job and keep going.

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Date: Sun Sep 5 11:50:53 1999


This semester, my English Comp. class is focused on Aristotle's views on Friendship (found in Book IV. I found your site easy to access and read. I look forward to visiting it again, as we get deeper in to other topics.

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Date: Sat Sep 4 15:35:55 1999

guestbook comments

I enjoyed your site. I didn't visit the site out of need for information on a paper- it was for an entirely selfish reason (my own personal knowledge expansion). I found the site very informative and only wish that that I could find as much information (or as many educated sources) available for other philosophers...if you personally know of any other sites that you find informative in dealing with other philosophers, I would appreciate a response. In particular I would like sites dealing with 2nd generation Aristolian's ex: Ayn Rand. Thank you!

From: Damian Konkoly
Date: Fri Sep 3 15:23:34 1999

I enjoyed your site, especially the paper on temperance!

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Date: Wed Sep 1 09:58:48 1999

Great stuff, you've saved me a visit to the library.


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Date: Mon Aug 30 18:51:44 1999

this helps

i came here because i have to do a small report on how aristotle shaped politics today, for my ap government class. thanks bunches, it helped a lot!

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Date: Mon Aug 30 03:31:50 1999

Great website

Great website, you saved my paper!

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Date: Sat Aug 28 13:57:45 1999

cool page

This is a really cool page. To be honest the only reason i went into this website was because i had to do a report on Aristotle, and just basically thanks for the info

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Date: Thu Aug 26 19:20:53 1999

nice work

hello, how are you?
this is a very nice homepage, you must have worked really hard on it. you were very informative, but not too much. you have a lot of things about aristotle, but nothing really about his work. i needed some information more about what he did, and some of his personal business, like: his date of birth, where he was born, etc. other than that it's a really nice page.

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Date: Thu Aug 26 16:45:39 1999


a great site, especially the large index of links

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Date: Thu Aug 26 00:41:15 1999

your web site

A great site. I am totally blind and my adaptive
technology reads the page with no trouble. well done
James Bayliss Australia

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Date: Tue Aug 3 17:03:17 1999


a beautiful site. Referred by a posting by a ZDU student.

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Date: Tue Jul 27 14:13:02 1999

I'm Looking for numbered Theories.


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Date: Tue Jul 27 11:59:19 1999

Great Site...interest in Natural Law

Dear Mr. Bates,

I'm just getting interested in Aristotle and natural law. Your site, to that end, is really very impressive and I'm sure I'll come back to it again and again.

I was wondering if you've read Hadley Arkes' _First Things_. I've just started on it and think its pretty good material. Also, I understand that Robert P. George has done some good work in the natural law area. One of my favorite scholars, Dr. Frank Beckwith (, has recommended his book _Making Men Moral_. Also, I know he has just published another work, _In Defense of Natural Law_. I was wondering if you've read these and what you think.

Thanks and take care,


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Date: Tue Jul 27 05:04:27 1999

Just wanted to say HI

Hi Doc :)

I found your page really interesting. Thank you for giving me its address in Hysteria last Sunday. I was glad to have a chance to get to know you. I will definitely return to your page and read more articles it has to offer. It seems like a very good source...

If you have some time I invite you to go to my website at (it includes some personal things but also info about Bratislava, Slovak language, writings of one of my favorite writers-Daniil Charms (some spell him Kharms :)) etc.

Good luck with everything you do and I hope we can talk again one day! Keep updates about what you are doing in the fall ... Smile! :)

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Date: Mon Jul 19 23:38:16 1999

your page

I just wanted to say thank you for your page. It is helping me out a great deal in my History of Social Thought class.

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Date: Sat Jul 17 20:31:31 1999

Im 15 years old and alredy so infasinated with philisophyand politics.Now what you have done with this web site is just GREAT!!! As you already know Aristotle was in my opinion was the geatest philisopher of all time. The fact that he understood in the power of the own mind was genius for someone back then to have such deep thoughts, and i understand when he see's the piont of view of another by putting himself in their shoes , and go on from their. I wish I could read everything you've done with this, but I'm a teenager and "all we love to do is talk on the phone and listne to music" so I'll go and do that as soon as I'm done with my rearch paper. Thanks for EVERYTHING. P.S.2+2=4 & A is A:)write back if possible***

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Date: Wed Jul 14 20:34:01 1999

bio-chemical law

thank God now I can fight my teacher one on one when I have a veral conflict with her in front of the whole class.


Date: Mon Jul 12 00:42:13 1999

this is a coolest website

thank you for having this last, i manage to finish my project papers for my political science class...

Date: Wed Jul 7 13:12:47 1999


Great site! Iwould not change a thing. Keep up the good work.

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Date: Wed Jul 7 03:38:29 1999


Thank you very much for your broad Overview of Aristotle's works. It was very interesting. Not having very much time it was a good occation to get information about Aristotle.
Best regards

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Date: Tue Jul 6 23:49:01 1999

rsic semper tyrannis..

dear mr. bates
i think people should be aware of the of the council on foreign relations, and there massive influence in the american goverment. NO one seems to notice and the media never mentions this council of international bankers,think tank types, politicians, and people in the media who are privately briefed on maters of foreign policy and internal american politics..i suggest readers interested in learning should read "shadows of power" by james perloff to learn more about the c.f.r and their strangle hold on amereican politics.i strongly urge those with desire for a truly democratic and free america in the 21st century to be aware of those behind the scenes.Just to name of few memebers of the council
robert .d. rockerfeller, j.p morgan, bill clinton(and many more in his administration) tom brokaw nbc news, dan rather cbs, ted koppel david brinkley and barabara walters of abc, ted turners cnn, are just some of the people theres over 3,500 members

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Date: Sun Jul 4 14:50:27 1999

gee, you must really like aristotle

Thanks for the help with my paper! there needs to be more sites like this around! very helpful. you are very special. i thought you should know. you must be rather smart to be so interested in something like philosophy and not get bored with it.

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Date: Fri Jun 25 15:46:42 1999

Good Content

Excellent Site. Keep up the good work.

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Date: Fri Jun 18 09:33:52 1999

Splendid website

Dear Mr Bates,

An absolutely marvellous piece of kit which I shall recommend to my students. Quite apart from anything else, it demonstrates that culture and civilisation can exist in the United States.

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Date: Tue Jun 15 09:53:44 1999

Thank you for a nice web site!

Who could ever imagine - Aristotle on the web!
Good work. Well done. Thank you. Jennifer

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Date: Fri Jun 11 13:13:43 1999


Thank you. Nice page. Will come back often.

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Date: Sun Jun 6 15:01:06 1999

Any material on philosophy.

Being 50 years old and not much of a reader, I find philosophy most interesting. One day while sufing the internet, I upon some writings on Socrates. That was 90 days ago, now it seems I cannot get enough writings on Socrates, Aristotle, or Plato. My only problem is in where does a person start a sound and meaningful unstanding of philosophy. Thank you for your web site, but I would like any feed back from anyone on how to start these studies.

From: Don Cummins (
Date: Sun Jun 6 14:55:11 1999

Any material on philosophy.

Being 50 years old and not much of a reader, I find philosophy most interesting. One day while sufing the internet, I upon some writings on Socrates. That was 90 days ago, now it seems I cannot get enough writings on Socrates, Aristotle, or Plato. My only problem is in where does a person start a sound and meaningful unstanding of philosophy. Thank you for your web site, but I would like any feed back from anyone on how to start these studies.

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Date: Sat Jun 5 19:10:47 1999

Ethics and politics

It is great! I left to Kinshasa all my Aristotle books. But, I can say today that I have the best in my hands trough your page. Be blessed.

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Date: Thu Jun 3 13:44:57 1999

Liberalism in Philosophy

I am planning to return to the university and am drawn to philosophy as a major- Web pages like yours a great inspiration. I hope the university is not infested with mindless left-winged profs.

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Date: Wed May 26 15:07:42 1999

Theories of Persuasion

I am looking for information on Aristotle's three types of persuasion: logos, pathos and ethos. Unfortunately I don't know where to start. It's a nice site though. I'll keep looking.

Date: Mon May 24 13:11:49 1999

This page was a decent source of information, but your layout ruined it. Trying to find something was like looking for a needle in a haystack. Furthermore that irritating advertising banner that came up everytime I returned to the page drove me nuts. However, I do appreciate the time and effort you put into creating such a resourceful page.

From: Youri Linden (
Date: Thu May 20 16:44:47 1999

Nice page

Nice page, but it's a shame there is so much information. I don't now where to start.

From: lounge fly (
Date: Wed May 19 18:55:37 1999


the work you've done gathering all of these tremendous resources into a central place is astounding and commendable...

thanks for making the study of these topics easier for others by sharing the results of your effort with all...


From: XX (X_X_0@YAHOO.COM)
Date: Mon May 17 16:09:46 1999

It would take me a life time to read all this staff...Is this all your life?

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Date: Tue May 11 22:04:28 1999


I am glad that there are more submits to greek life and culture on the internet. You seem to really know your stuff about the greeks. I must say the philospers of the past would have been proud of you!

From: den (
Date: Tue May 11 15:59:51 1999

aristotle would have been proud of you

From: J. Borchers (
Date: Sun May 9 19:26:37 1999

Looking It Over

Interesting! I wish I had more time!

From: jon (
Date: Wed May 5 20:05:23 1999

Aristotle's philosophies and applying them to today

Hey I am a high school student in Seattle. I am just looking on the internet for some info on Aristotle and how he applies to today's philosophy. If you have any suggestions or some sites i should try that would be great. Thanks for your time.

From: Deirdre Kenny
Date: Wed May 5 16:35:12 1999


Great site. I found all I needed. Keep up the great work. It is wonderful

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Date: Tue May 4 09:13:03 1999


I have had the pleasure of discovering your new program dealing with Aristotle's Politics and Nicomachean Ethics. Given the number of contributions, the enjoyment has just begun. In any event, as the British would say, "Good Show"! and keep up the good work.

From: mike s (
Date: Mon May 3 10:18:06 1999


the stuff on friendship was very helpful could you get back to me with where i can find stuff on aristotle and justice..... thanks

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Date: Sun May 2 17:38:05 1999

can someone help me

This page was really helpful in getting me started on my paper about the various forms of gov't. Now I have to do a paper on Book I, Chapter 2 about the political nature of man and why Aristotle believes this is so. I have no idea where to start. Please help!!!

From: K.Deal (
Date: Sun May 2 12:00:23 1999


Searching resources for a political debate. This site is informative and easy to use.

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Date: Fri Apr 30 01:37:27 1999

Aristotle ethics

Great page very imformative!!!!!!

From: Marcus (
Date: Tue Apr 27 07:14:28 1999


It's really a quite interesting page. I just dropped by while searching for pieces of information about Aristotle's attitude towards women. Was quite helpful. Thanks a lot.

From: victoria
Date: Sat Apr 24 10:50:17 1999


This web page is absotively ingenious. Tanks for the insight.

From: GDarrell (
Date: Thu Apr 22 20:16:01 1999

Procedural and substantive definitions of justice; the perspective of the person defining them.

I need to write a concept paper on the implications of the term justice. I have just arrived at this site and will explore some of the articles. I will get back to you on the information I use.

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Date: Sat Apr 17 21:54:50 1999

principle of double effect

As a high school theology teacher this is an invaluable resource. I've been looking for some historical info on the principle of double effect. Any suggestions?

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Date: Tue Apr 13 23:10:23 1999

The PAge

One of the greatest things i have seen lately would have to be your page. As a second year student studying Philosophy in Australia, it has prooved to be an asset in writing my assignments.

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Date: Thu Apr 8 06:20:08 1999


I'm a 1st year student at the university of Sydney.

your information help me alot on my first philosophical essay.


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Date: Mon Apr 5 19:42:44 1999


I had to come here 4 a project and this is a good site to go to. Thanxs 4 da info!!


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Date: Mon Apr 5 04:36:49 1999

Nice page and wondeful music.

From: Jessica
Date: Sat Mar 27 00:16:45 1999


I would just like to take a moment to comment on your site. My philosophy professor is quite good, but at the same time, he provides little concrete instruction so it is more than difficult to take notes. Your site made it so much easier to go back and clarify some discussion because your site was so easy to navigate. Thank you a hundred times over.

From: Amantha (
Date: Wed Mar 17 18:04:31 1999

Great website!! You are helping me earn extra credit in geometry!!!

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Date: Tue Mar 16 13:04:14 1999

Your Website!

Well Done! This is a refreshing site and will be used frequently!

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Date: Mon Mar 15 12:12:27 1999


You have done an Excellent job here...

From: Vassiliki Leontis (
Date: Sat Mar 13 13:55:20 1999

I will return many times to this site. Thank you

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Date: Fri Mar 12 21:00:22 1999

The Site

I studied Political Theory in College and like to check out site that are relevant to my degree. This is a Great Site!

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Date: Fri Feb 26 09:22:48 1999

Plato and Aristotle

Can you help me and inform me about the ,,REAL,, dates of birth and death of Aristotle and Plato

Date: Wed Feb 24 20:49:05 1999


Thank you for info!

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Date: Sun Feb 21 19:20:41 1999

Thank you!

This is an excellent reference point for seminary research. Thank you for the fine collection of resources!

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Date: Thu Feb 18 14:43:39 1999

your site helped me out a lot for one of my classes (Latin American cult/civ, actually--figure that one out!). Thanks!

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Date: Wed Feb 17 09:07:06 1999

Great site

Extraordinary site, immensely valuable.

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Date: Sun Feb 14 21:26:42 1999

Aristotle's philosophy of politics

I am trying to find or understand if there is a connection between the philosophy of Ayn Rand's "objectivism" and Aristotle's beliefs. I'll keep reading. All-in-all this is a great site providing a wealth of knowledge. Thanks.

From: A. Hamid Jaafar (
Date: Wed Jan 27 21:40:40 1999

Thank you

Thank you for the wealth (in knowledge) the you have increased for the world.

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Date: Wed Jan 27 21:21:10 1999

thanx for the web site...

well I just want to thank u for all the things that are available in the site. fro all the great info and the story's that cover a pretty good over view

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Date: Wed Jan 27 02:48:55 1999

General Comment

Greetings Scholar:
Finding dedication such as yours is always a great delight when I am surfing for information. What a grand site, exhibiting as it does a marvellous intent and determination.
My thanks for your scrupulous pursuit of The Good.
GD Smart

Date: Wed Jan 20 21:39:36 1999



From: Suzzanne Schnabel (
Date: Sun Jan 17 21:32:35 1999

Thanks to people like you people like me can sit in the comfort of my office and research anything the imagination can conceive. Your work and deligence in it helps us all. Oh, by the way every hear of a person called Dragonetti, and if you have can you point me in the right direction to find him? Thanks again for your steadfastness and commitment to excellence.
Suzzanne Schnabel

From: Melissa
Date: Wed Jan 13 19:42:38 1999

Great site!

From: giovonni (LoWpHaT98)
Date: Sat Dec 26 17:53:55 1998


this is a great sight thanx for the info. it has a lot of insight. philosophy is great for the soul.- jon wolfgang van goethe- behavior is a mirror in whicheveryone displays his image-

From: Ben (
Date: Thu Dec 17 22:52:39 1998


Excellent page, I hope it'll be around for a while. I'm taking philosophy at my high school and this has been a great resource. I was wondering if you had any information on Aristotle's opinions of Plato and Essences. Also, anything extensive on his thoughts on the two world theory. If you could hook me up with some stuff, I'd appreciate it. Once again, great site.

From: fyu (
Date: Sat Dec 12 20:17:06 1998

great website

due to my procrastinating, i had an extensive amount of reading about plato. fortunately i stumbled across this page, b/c i had difficulties reading some of aristotle's work.


political science and journalism
Rutgers University

From: Ga Ling (
Date: Fri Dec 11 16:06:00 1998

Is your name Cliff?

Whatever it is, I just want to give you a big shout from the Gleg. I well appreciated stumbling apon this site tonight, not really understanding the web thing, but also not really understanding my essay question. Im kind of closer now to understanding A's thoughts on political virtues even if I dont know my own!

From: Heerak Christian Kim (
Date: Sun Dec 6 11:43:19 1998

Hey, Cliff,
great website.

From: Mr. Coffee (
Date: Sat Dec 5 19:23:16 1998

Some praise and stuff

Wow! A very impressive sight to say the least. Very well organized with some excellent articles and links. What a tribute to quite possibly the greatest mind ever.

From: Kristie Judd Ayres (
Date: Fri Dec 4 05:20:14 1998


I am reading Ethics to write a final paper for an upper level political science class and I have found your site an invaluable tool for understanding. I really appreciated the commentaries section which helped me fine tune my own arguments supporting my thesis. This page should be a great help to all students who are new to Greek philosophy and I am adding a link to it on my website as well as our school homepage on


Kristie Judd Ayres
President Undergraduate Student Government
Southern Illinois University Carbondale

From: Gail Ridre (
Date: Wed Dec 2 19:31:33 1998


This is a great web page on Aristotle, that can serve as an introduction to his politics or an advanced research page. I also greatly appreciated the varying opinions represented, especially the criticism on his view of women. Aristotle was a great thinker in many subjects, however not all.

From: (
Date: Mon Nov 30 22:38:07 1998

Great Info-

I just wanted to thank you for such great information on Aristotle and "The Politics". After reading the actual work and then a summary, I now understand his views on government and I will be able to write about it. Thanks again.

From: Lindsey DeFevers
Date: Sun Nov 29 21:43:46 1998


I am doing a last minute look-up on Aristotle and I am soooo glad I found this site, otherwise I would be up half the night trying to find things about him. I really appreciate this and hope you do more. I look forward to my next paper, because I'll know where to come for sources. Everything was very helpful in what I needed.

~THANKS Lindsey~

From: Sarah
Date: Sat Nov 28 14:34:09 1998

Thank you for creating such a wonderful page!! Just a suggestion though, I'm also very interested in Aristotle's life; his background, childhood, etc.... Please consider adding a few informative articles to your page.

From: Carlos Cordourier (
Date: Fri Nov 27 15:14:30 1998


Thanks for Sharing.

From: Danette Silva (
Date: Tue Nov 24 12:16:38 1998

Aristotle's Politics

Great resource page!
Very helpful in writing a paper on Athens and Sparta throught the eyes of Aristotle.

Date: Tue Nov 24 11:54:57 1998

what they all said, thanks!
who thinks there is enough philosophers in politics today?

From: Karen (
Date: Thu Nov 19 18:56:38 1998

aristotle and democracy [ primarily related to THE POLITICS]


If you can drop a list of resources my way, i would be grateful

this page is amazing. Thanks for creating a resource like this

love Estrogena [ aka karen]

From: Dana Freeman (
Date: Mon Nov 16 18:28:50 1998

I found your site very helpful in preparing a presentation on Aristotle's sense of justice in relation with Nichomachean Ethics for my philosophy class.


From: Dave Shemano (
Date: Sun Nov 15 22:40:23 1998


Great website -- content, content, content!!! Like you (I think), I am on a life-long mission to somehow reconcile the Austrian economists, Burke and Strauss in order to conceptualize the good society. Probably impossible, but the effort is worth it.

By the way, I am very new to the internet. I have found very few pages dedicated to Strauss. Am I missing something? If you know, please let me know.

From: Kalev Pehme (
Date: Sun Nov 15 17:44:48 1998

Natural Law Page

Good page!

From: armando (
Date: Tue Nov 10 03:20:09 1998


Hey thanks this b site is highly informative... yetthere is so much it hard to narrow the search, it also takes awile to load, but the pursuit of knowledge isa slow process right? Thanks again. mando.

From: Rob King (
Date: Mon Nov 9 22:31:48 1998

great page

I found this page to be very helpfull for my Politics class. Great work.

From: Jax (
Date: Fri Nov 6 15:09:41 1998

Political Philosophy

I am trying to decide a major. I am completely interested in politics and I love the work of philisophers, but when I saw political Philosophy I had no clue what it was. If you'd like to e-mail me and give me even more background than your page did i'd appreciate it. You page did help alot, Thanks - Jax

From: Bobby Kasprzak (
Date: Wed Nov 4 17:23:07 1998


I really enjoy your site, I am a student of Aristotle and greatly appreciate the knowledge you have opened up to me.

From: chelsa
Date: Wed Nov 4 13:28:10 1998


Thanks! I really appreciate this page. I had a major prodject an you saved my life!

From: CASSIDY (CASS223344)
Date: Tue Nov 3 10:54:42 1998


- I had a last minute project due and i thought i has no place to go. Your work helped me so much!!!


Date: Mon Nov 2 14:42:02 1998



From: Bethany (
Date: Mon Nov 2 02:23:44 1998

Beth's Best Page Award

I use the Internet daily, and this is one of the best pages I have ever seen. Definitely far and away the best tripod page I have seen. I like the music. You have a nice balance of graphics and text, and I like your very clean organization. Incredibly user-friendly. Thank you for taking the time to make such an excellent web-page.

From: Marina Davis (
Date: Fri Oct 30 17:41:19 1998

I like your Aristotle pages

I've got a test coming up and I am stuck at the office with no study materials and a little extra, you are tutoring me and don't even know it! What a nice help! Thanks.

From: bad boy bebe (
Date: Tue Oct 27 21:49:56 1998


last minute assignment. i caant believe mi eyees

From: Denise E (ZANB34A@Prodigy.Com)
Date: Mon Oct 26 23:21:31 1998

Aristotle - Political Science, etc.

I truly appreciate this one stop shop on political science, philosophy, sociology, et al. I am taking all these courses this semester - figured I'd cover all my bases in one step - just like you did. Thanks a lot! I aam a total ditz in this area, but the more I learn, the more I enjoy. Thanks for your contribution. I'll be back! Plato's next on my platter. Keep up the good work.

From: Sharon Hayes (
Date: Mon Oct 26 03:01:30 1998

Socrates too? It must be heaven...

Now I'm REALLY impressed Clifford. And the music is one of my personal favorites. Keep up the good work.

From: Chris (
Date: Sun Oct 25 15:20:33 1998


I was looking for a review of Aristotle for my political philosophy class and thanks to your page, I found one. Thank you!


From: Carrie (
Date: Mon Oct 19 19:55:27 1998

Thankx a bunch!

Thank you SO much for making this web page. I had to do a report in my English class on Greek philosophy & I felt like I had no where to turn to for information since I was required to have SO many sources & resources. Your web page has helped me find what I needed and then some.
Thankx a bunch!

From: Gary Maushardt (
Date: Sat Oct 17 00:21:51 1998

Aristotle's Political Philosphy Page

A useful web sight, very helpful. It does take a while to load, however, is that because of the rather useless music?

From: Matt Sims (
Date: Thu Oct 15 22:14:29 1998


Your web site has been very helpful to me. My philosophy class is reading Nicomachean Ethics, and the links your page provided helped me find some useful information. Web sites like this a great service. Thanks again!!!

From: Phillip (
Date: Thu Oct 8 23:44:36 1998

Great Help!

Just wanted to express how your site has helped me out in the first few weeks of my first Political Theory and Philosophy class...the additional resources here have helped tremendously in my success thus far! Thanks again!

From: William Manders (
Date: Thu Oct 8 16:33:20 1998


I just wanted to write and tell you what a help this site was for my studies. We are just starting "Politics" and this has given me a headstart! Keep up the good work.

From: Faris,JimBob
Date: Wed Oct 7 15:19:17 1998


I thought that it was a great text on him(Aristotle).

From: Bryan
Date: Tue Oct 6 23:20:59 1998

Great Site -- a valuable resource!

Just one thing -- the Outline of Aritstotle's Politics is not complete (it only goes to book 5).

Thanks for your work!

From: Becky Liddell (
Date: Tue Oct 6 12:22:26 1998

Your web page helped me out so much with some additional research. Thanks!

From: shelli (
Date: Tue Sep 29 23:32:24 1998

thanks a bunch!!!

your page gave me so much info that when i came here i didnt need to look ne where else. you r a complete life saver, thanks again, u dont know how much you helped me :)

From: BOBBy SUe
Date: Tue Sep 29 19:38:23 1998

yo yo

yo yo, i like the show, but now i gotta go . ho ho

From: Jason Koye (
Date: Tue Sep 29 19:05:58 1998

great page

I just wanted to let you know that I thought you page was extremely informative. I am currently doing research for my classic political thought class and I found you page full of insights. great job. I'll be looking at it often.


From: Felicia (
Date: Tue Sep 29 16:01:32 1998

the picture

Hi! Wow, I really enjoyed your sight. I do have a question, though. the picture you opened your Aristotle segment with, do you know what church it's in? Thanx!

From: Danae Remmert (
Date: Sun Sep 27 03:19:24 1998


This has been so helpful to me. I did not understand Aristotle before, now I think that I have a grasp on my next paper. Thank you for doing this!

From: maria diesen (
Date: Fri Sep 25 16:34:19 1998

i'm doing a study on aristoteles ethics comparing them with plato's.
mostly i read books but it's fun to surf around and get different angles.

i like your home page!
Maria Diesen

From: Michael Olympios (
Date: Wed Sep 23 07:39:39 1998

Outstanding Work

It is with no doubt the best side on the web that any reader of political thought will agree. Comprehensive with numerous works and comentaries from a variety of political thinkers makes this page a must for the student of political philosophy.

From: J. M. Joeb (
Date: Sat Sep 19 07:34:34 1998

Your bio

I found your bio. (duh!) Now I have an idea who put this together. Your page (and its links) are just one more example of how overwhelmed by information we can become. It is helpful to have places such as this to impart a little order to a search.

From: J. M. Joeb (
Date: Sat Sep 19 07:28:13 1998

Your site

Looks great. How about a bio. on yourself? It appears you teach (noble calling). Have a look at my page at If you have no objection, I may link my philos. page to yours.

From: Frank Runge (
Date: Wed Sep 16 22:29:31 1998

Dr. Bates,

I am a friend of John Stack, and tonight we are doing some late night studying. I must say that I have rarely seen an individual who has worked as hard as you obviously have. Keep up the good work! Providing this information in a convenient and visually pleasing medium is a service to the academic community. Thank you!

Sincerely, Frank Runge

From: Jazz (?????????????)
Date: Wed Sep 9 14:07:08 1998


Thank God for your site. This is the only place where i found a sufficient amount of
information.Thanks a lot you were a lot of help.

From: Diogenes (
Date: Thu Aug 20 11:25:03 1998

Searching for an honest man...

Is my search complete?

estw eu

From: Jim Langcuster (
Date: Wed Jul 29 22:49:33 1998

Re: Great Page!

Splendid page, Clifford.

Thanks for all you do on behalf of genuine liberty. And most especially, thanks for adding the Burke page!


From: Stack (
Date: Wed Jul 29 22:01:37 1998

signing in

Dr. Bates,

What an informative website! I hope all is well with you.

Ad Jesu per Mariam,


From: Dan Jacobs (
Date: Wed Jul 29 18:27:34 1998

interesting set of pages

Well, I wasn't going to sign the book at first but after scoping out the series of pages I just had to tell you what a very interesting and well done set of pages you have at your site. You have put to shame most homepages I have surfed into over these past five years and most of the professional and academic ones to boot. Keep up the good work.

From: Cato (
Date: Wed Jul 29 13:54:45 1998

Friends of Cato

This is a site for the likes of me, anyone who
has an respect for the Roman Senator and Republican virtues will love the various pages at this site. Good hunting! Cartherage must be Destroyed!!! [We all know whom that is these days!! don't we!!]

From: David Marion (
Date: Wed Jul 29 13:52:51 1998

Aristotle Politics

This is an excellent site dealing with Aristotle's
political and ethical thought.. in fact it is the only site of its extent and comprehensiveness. Anyone who even did half the job of this site would be doing a service to the academic community on the web. This site not only has some of the authors own works on Aristotle but has many current and updated links to NEUMEROUS
pages addressing the subject. In fact, unlike many so called academic sites out there, this page's editor has been very discriminating of what sites to include and passing on sites that have only tangential concern to the given topic of this page. Excellent work!!!

From: Anna (
Date: Tue Jul 28 17:37:11 1998

hi remember me!

Dear Cliff,
I am sitting here with Patty in John Stack's office laughing at your great web page (not), Well, John Stack is really laughing at your web page! Your page is well...interesting. I hope that you are having a nice summer!

From: bruce newman (
Date: Tue Jul 28 15:46:50 1998

your web site

Great web site! Lot of good political philsophy links and info.

Keep it up!

From: Doug Ollivant (
Date: Mon Jul 27 13:12:35 1998

Friends of Cato


Great page! Puts the APSA and "Political Theory" sites to shame, both in content and links. Your diagnosis of the current GOP is, sadly, concise and correct. We'll have to talk about ordination of women sometime.

Thanks for this great resource.



From: Yaakov Abrahamson (
Date: Thu Jul 23 16:25:32 1998

Job search

Hi Cliff,
Hope you land that job. Kol tuv, Yaakov

From: V.B. Lewis (
Date: Thu Jul 23 15:39:59 1998

Your Web Page

Really excellent links. One of the most useful pages around.

From: Michael David Rohr (
Date: Tue Jul 21 08:59:55 1998


Saw the plug for your page on Paul Bullen's list and decided to drop in and look it over. It looks very useful. I'll be back!
Michael Rohr

From: James Yhompson (
Date: Mon Jul 20 18:01:19 1998

Aristotle and Politics

I linked into your Aristotle page from Ethics Updates on line, and found your site to be excellent... and I found the rest of your sites to be of interest also. Keep up the work.

From: M. Kochin (
Date: Mon Jul 20 12:04:45 1998

Your page


The page is much easier to read now.


From: Scott Alexander (
Date: Sat Jul 18 23:24:54 1998

Keep up the good work

Indict! Convict! Jail the bastard! (I guess you know who I mean).

keep fighting for truth justice and the american way!

From: Kent Guida (
Date: Sat Jul 18 11:19:41 1998

thanks for the site

Glad to see the new technology used for such a worthwhile purpose. Keep it up.
Best regards,
Kent Guida

From: Will Kolodzie (
Date: Sat Jul 18 10:21:40 1998

Friends of Cato

Mr. Bates has produced a superb web site that is informative and highly enjoyable.

The Aristotle section is superb. It is one of the best resources on the web today. One would be hard pressed to find a serious of pages that offer more information on Aristotle and classical philosophy.

The pages on M. Bradford and W. Kendall are excellent. Both of these thinkers deserve a serious reconsideration today in an age of ideological fanaticism. I think that Mr. Bates deserves much credit for his attempt to expand our knowledge of some of the most seminal thinkers of our time.

Mr. Bates web site reveals his devotion to the quest for wisdom and the exploration of knowledge. The site is nonpartisan and a refreshing alternative to those sites that seek only to pursue a political agenda.

Hats off to Mr. Bates!!!

Will Kolodzie
Editor and Publisher
Truth and Virtue

From: O'Connor (
Date: Sat Jul 18 10:03:52 1998

Good site

Cliff, you've gathered many helpful links and much useful information on a well laid-out site. Thanks for this page, which is a fine resource.

From: Jim Kalb (
Date: Sat Jul 18 07:30:34 1998

Your Page

Great page! Or pages, I should say. Lots of material on important thinkers it's hard to find much on on the net. Keep at it -- this kind of addition to what's available is a very important contribution to the discussion.

From: lawrence (
Date: Thu Jul 16 17:00:52 1998

Human mistakes

I find all the articles in your page very interesting. I got here because I am looking for an answer how right it is to expect a zero defect from humans at their place of work.
I have people under my resposability but heads above me, and I just cannot beleive
that zero mistakes are possible.
I Hope to find something about this in here.

From: Ulla Holm (
Date: Thu Jul 16 07:36:30 1998

Aristotle & women

Hi Batesca,
I really like your site and I appreciate that you wrote a message some time ago on Arendt - Aristotle - Heidegger. Now I search for comments on Aristole's unhappy remarks on women as I think he to be more appreciated by feminists. I have of course the Rereading the canon-volume on Aristotle.
Ulla M Holm

From: Jon Griswold (
Date: Mon Jul 13 21:37:32 1998

beautiful webpage

You have a really beautiful webpage. Keep adding to it.

From: Will Peters (
Date: Sat Jun 13 14:51:13 1998

Interesting site...

Surfed in from one a web ring and scoped out your page. Rather cool mixing of politics and classics... Keep up the good work.

From: Nate Andersen (
Date: Sat May 16 17:45:51 1998

Politics Wow

Yours is a rather cool site... Rather well orgainized and points you to many interesting and informative sites. Keep up the great work.

From: Frank Ward (
Date: Mon May 11 16:17:02 1998

Political Ethics

Discovered your web page while searching the captioned subject. These days "political ethics" seems to be an oxymoron. Perhaps your input will help reverse the tide. Good Luck!

From: Kathy Etheridge (
Date: Sun May 10 21:12:43 1998


Your page is a delight to visit. It is so hard to find quality web pages, but I have found yours to be truly enlighting and eduational. Thanks you for sharing your knowledge.

From: Brad Mowen (
Date: Wed May 6 12:23:05 1998

Thanks for the info!!!

This was really intrersting!!! I really needed it for a report for school. I have to do this for my science class, and you probably saved me from failing it. So i just want to thank you for all your great info!!

From: Kelly Normand (
Date: Tue May 5 17:06:03 1998

Political Philosophy on the web

This is one of the very few organized political theory resource on the web. The fact that it is done by an individual and not an insitiution speaks volumes also. The fact that this sight is on par with many of the best academic political theory sights at major university sites, should shame academic sites which pale in comparision to this wonderful resource.

From: Sam Jones (
Date: Tue May 5 17:02:05 1998

Great sight

This is an awesome site, the reference link to classical resources is one of the best out there. Keep it up, this site should be a model for anyone wanting to do an academic web site.

From: S. Altarejos (
Date: Wed Apr 1 11:47:14 1998

I've only scratched the surface of your website and judging from what I've seen, I'm gonna be here for a looonnnggg time...and will be coming back for more. Thank you for all these valuable
information and the presentation is appealing, too. Good luck and more power to you!!!

From: Brooke
Date: Tue Mar 24 17:23:27 1998


Thanks so much for your information!!! It helped me greately with one of my big essays. And don't worry, freshmen are actually the coolest,{speaking for myself}, I go to Pattonville, were the beast!!! 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01!!!!!!!!!

From: Critter (
Date: Sun Mar 8 11:53:21 1998


May I just take a moment to express my gratitude for the clarity and content
of your pages?? WOWZERS!! Thanks to you and your info. my next essay (a work in progress currently) has been markedly easier! Great pages!!
Thanks for all your effrt!!

From: Beth Janairo (
Date: Tue Jan 6 13:18:02 1998

Cliff, I can see you are becoming a true
webmaster...your pages look great.

From: Tatiyana (
Date: Sat Dec 27 02:26:13 1997

Cool page

Really nice page, some interesting reading. Thank you for signing my guestbook, and telling me where you found it! Anyway, keep up the good work and take care.

From: Darren Hall (
Date: Tue Dec 9 13:50:28 1997

Nice Page

Hey there Mr. Bates, nice page, pretty cool page, just wanted to let you know I enjoyed class very much,and its too bad that youre leaving central. Good luck with your new job, and dont let the freshman give you shit

Darren Hall

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