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Here are some Various Burke Links

Links to Texts by Edmund Burke

A biography of Edmund Burke

Modern History Sourcebook:Edmund Burke on the Death of Marie Antoinette

Bojorn's Guide to Philosophy-Burke

Prejudice and Abstract Poltical Theory in Burke's Refections by N. Russo

E Fox's Historicising Orthodoxy

Edmund Burke's Legacy by Andrew Webster

Samuel Johnson on Burke

Electronic Library on Burke

Steven Kreis' Lecture on Edmund Burke Steven Kreis's Lecture on Language and Politics of the French Revolution

Excite on Edmund Burke

18th Century Chronology

W B Yeat's The Seven Sages

Burkes' Speech on conciliation with America, March 22, 1775

Ritchie's Review of Several Book on Burke in First Things

History Seminar #9: Edmund Burke

Burke at The British Literature Site

Andrew Webster's On Burke

More Burke Quotes Burke Quotes

Edmund Burke: Philosophy

Acton Institute: Edmund Burke

Biographies: Men in Literature: Edmund Burke

Edmund Burke's On the Sublime by Landow

Baldacchino's Burke's Value Centered Historicism

The Edmund Burke Institute (An Irish Free Market Institute following in the Tradition of Edmund Burke)


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